SECUBEST founded in 2007, is a leading security camera manufacturer and planning to be security solution provider in the end. We are dedicated to developing new technologies and securing our customers' happiness as well as their satisfaction with good quality of the products and service. Since its inception, Secubest has been steadily developing its range of technology in all round of the CCTV Solution from Analog, HD-SDI to IP solution. We assure you that we will continue cultivating new technologies and improving our products for superior customer experiences.
In addition, we promise to remain open to make quality-assured and market-competitive products as our goal of the business.

Sincerely yours,


2018 Kaltec (USA) incorporated as a CPRO subsidiary
2017 Opening of CPRO Vietnam 2nd Factory
2013 Opening Factory in Vietnam
Opening Secubest USA
2012 Opening of CPRO China(Shenzhen) Completion of Factory in Vietnam
2011 Opening of CPRO Vietnam(Dong Tho BacNinh) Move of Head-quarter
2010 Increase Capital with new stocks:
Increase of Capital $0.4M (Capital $2.5M)
2007 SECUBEST founded in 2007



Combination Logo and Waving

The SECUBEST logo is a combination of the symbol on top and the caption at the bottom. The waving shape also symbolized SECUBEST as a global brand and the commitment to innovation for customers.

Appealing Color and Curvature

The dramatic curvature and appealing color of logo, Which is not found in other brands, symbolizes the Brand-personality of
"Extreme Adventurer"