2014.06.17 | Marketing Team
Introduce the new High Power LED Bullet with more powerful IR!
8x high power LED bullet has been released with more powerful IR attached than the current model.
Clearer image will be performed with high power LED and guarantee the view up to 70M. As it became slimmer and simpler, 2.5Kg ->1.8Kg, it will be the next hot item of SEUCBEST.

Please refer to below link for more detail.
Go to spec >> BDHN-0812-R

2014.06.10 | Marketing Team
P-iris Camera launching
What is P-iris?
P-iris technology helps to improve the image quality with regards to iris contrast, resolution and depth of field and keeps the best image quality at different environment of light source. It is not only particularly effective for blurred image when the light source is to strong but also allows clear view on objects from near to far from the camera.
2014.06.10 | Marketing Team
Participation in 2014 Shanghai Expo
Secubest China was participated in 2014 Shanghai Expo on 3rd to 5th of June.
Various products such as PTZs, Bullets, as well as dome cameras were exhibited and they grasped lots of interest from the guests.
Shanghai expo ::: http://www.shabh.cn/

2014.04.10 | Marketing Team
Onvif Profile S
Secubest all IP Cameras suppor the Onvif Profile S.
2013.11.11 | Marketing Team
Participation in 2013 CPSE Exhibition
It was successful show by introducing various new products.
FLAT dome series and PANORAMIC series received a lot of attention especially during the show.
Please pay attention to Secubest who always try to develop new product a few steps ahead.