2015.02 | Marketing Team
The CEO of CPRO was inaugurated a chairman of KDCA

 In February, KDCA(Korea Digital CCTV Research Association) representing the video security industry has welcomed a new chairman, Youngsoo, Lee, who is the CEO of CPRO, the export-oriented security enterprise. The industry has great expectations for him. Because KDCA was founded the latest in the security industry and has been showing active works continuously, the industry has high expectation from him. Especially, before the first half of this year, he has already resolved two appointments he promised as he was assigned as a chairman of KDCA. He was recognized for both of the momentum and capability.

 "As I was assigned as the chairman of the board, I promised to achieve two goals. Firstly, I promised to establish KOHSIA (Korea High-tech Security Industry Association) Secondly, I will put an effort to have activities that fits for the purpose of the research association." "As well known, KOHSIA has already launched successfully. Activities also progressed well according to the purpose of the research association." "This event is an opportunity that members of board to know each other′s products and learn the trends. Through this opportunity, I wish to lead to the domestic success as well as overseas performance. Thank you for your cooperation for the security industry stakeholders, of course the associated companies."

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2014.11.07 | Marketing Team
Participation in 2014 Security China Exhibition

Participated in Security show in Beijing with new products, Secubest absorbed much interest from the visitors.
New endless PTZs, Video-map with combination of Panoramic and Bello, 5MP fisheye and 3MP with new DSP were the key products.
Secubest highly appreciates all the visitor and we will keep moving forward to develop unique and high performance products to satisfy customers´ needs.
Please keep eyes on Secubest who is always eager to support you.

2014.06.18 | Marketing Team
SECUBEST Flat Dome installed in subway.
CCTV is necessary for transportation system especially subway where hundreds people use every day.
CCTV not only performs a very important role with a live streaming in a moving train but it works as a security camera as well.
Secubest Flat dome blends well with the environment as its slimmer design.
Secubest Flat dome is capable of coping with any kind of situation including emergency but also transfers clear image without interruption.
Furthermore, it becomes an important evidence for crimes including robbery.

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2014.06.17 | Marketing Team
Introduce the new High Power LED Bullet with more powerful IR!
8x high power LED bullet has been released with more powerful IR attached than the current model.
Clearer image will be performed with high power LED and guarantee the view up to 70M. As it became slimmer and simpler, 2.5Kg ->1.8Kg, it will be the next hot item of SEUCBEST.

Please refer to below link for more detail.
Go to spec >> BDHN-0812-R

2014.06.10 | Marketing Team
P-iris Camera launching
What is P-iris?
P-iris technology helps to improve the image quality with regards to iris contrast, resolution and depth of field and keeps the best image quality at different environment of light source. It is not only particularly effective for blurred image when the light source is to strong but also allows clear view on objects from near to far from the camera.