Benefits of IP Device

ToF Camera is designed for network use and shares the same core networking technologies as other products. Firmware can be easily upgraded over the network and device settings can be set up or adjusted through a standard web browser.
  Advanced 3D Imaging Technology

Using a state-of-the art infra-red sensor and specially designed lenses, ToF is one of the most advanced systems available in the marketplace today.
  Automatic Tilt Angle Detection

ToF supports automatic tilt angle detection to reduce installation time by minimising calibration requirement.
  Improved Measurement Accuracy

ToF brings improved measurement accuracy compared to the current generation of thermal sensors and stereoscopic cameras. Its excellent tracking system has great performance even when one object is partially obscured by another. Stationary queue measurement is also supported and movement of people is not necessary to maintain tracking.
  Optimized Multiple Profile Streaming

Up to 12 streams are able to be set by different setting parameters such as res. video rate and frame rate to be serviced for different purposes at 1440p environments from the 1 ports of Gigabit Ethernet port. Also concurrent max. connections support up to 16 sessions simultaneously.