Optimized Multiple Profile Streaming

Up to 12 streams are able to be set by different setting parameters such as res. video rate and frame rate to be serviced for different purposes at 1440p environments from the 1 ports of Gigabit Ethernet port. Also concurrent max. connections support up to 16 sessions simultaneously.
  Fluid integration way

The latest Onvif profile is optimized to have interoperability with any kind of purpose. Well-structured CGI-API plug in gives even more detailed functions to be integrated to VMS.
  Double Scan sensor with advanced built in ISP

Double scan sensor provides up to 60fps at 1440p resolution. (Encoding max performance 1440p 30fps) It gives long exposure and short exposure combined as real WDR with real time frame rate 1440p resolution .
  Smart AVC

Efficiently, frame rate priority & Quality priority feature give the most fluid data stream at low bandwidth from built-in Smart AVC (Advanced Video Coding).
  Easy way to install with module separation structure

Sensor block with lens built-in modules are highly efficient way to cover whatever types of scene circumstances at the installation site from 2.8mm, 4mm and 6mm with perfect focuse fitting.