SDI is the transmitting technology through the 75Ohm coaxial cable by serializing the video signal that is not compressed. The video signal that is transmitting through SDI is a kind of digital signal. Therefore, contrary to the analog signal which is influenced by the deformation of video signal and the distance of transmit, it is possible to transmit the video signal without limitation of distance and deformation of signal through Equalization and Reclocking of the video signal at intervals.
  Independent Camera Setup

Camera setup such as AWE, WB and etc can be configured on each preset view. Target spot in different distance and illumination can be watched with most preferred setup.
  Vandal Proof Design

All housing is designed to withstand rugged environments. Aluminum die-casting enclosure and Poly Carbonate clear dome enables stable 24hours security tasks.
  Weather Proof Design

IP66 rated weather proof housing protects the cameras from damage caused by rain, snow, dust and allowing cameras to be used outdoors.
  Real-time High Definition Camera

Using the state of art video compression engine, real time HD video streams of 1080i/720p can be delivered for recording and monitoring.
As a result, ultimate low speed without fluctuations as well as ultra high speed without jerks can be obtained.