Local SD Card Backup

Some important sequence of still images can be stored in the SDHC memory card. This action can be configured to work with pre-post- alarm event or a given interval.
  Flat Form Factor

Especially, form factor of PIF flat dome is designed to install lower ceiling applications such as buses, trains, ships or corridor.
  Auto Focus

Built-in auto-focus lens makes installation easier, installer don't need to adjust the focus manually.
Aspheric Dome

Secubest Aspheric Dome Technology can give you the best transparent image performance and 90 degree or more ceiling view. To secure the HD color performance and to avoid the image distortions from the typical surveillance camera transparent dome, our real aspheric dome is high-end technological combination with its 3D dimensional curving processing, gold plating and utmost high-tech diamond polishing method.

1. The core technology is directly connected to the identical distance between the pivot point and the inner surface relatively accordance with viewing angle.
  2. Aspheric surface along the corn-shaped polycarbonate dome has been designed by X ,Y, Z curving processing.

Aspheric Dome
existing X, Y axis curved
surface processing

Upgraded X, Y,Z axis curved
surface processing
3. Third technological point to get the non-distorted, well focused image performance is optimized by the very professional plating technology to minimize the gas bubble has risen from the molding processing.

  4. The last embodiment of our Aspheric Dome is for HD clear color image through the real transparent dome with diamond polishing process.

There are extremely tiny
holes in core material.

It dramatically improved
rough(coarse) surface by filling
up tiny holes perfectly.
Existing polishing

Supreme polishing

Vandal resistance is measured on the IK scale and consists of dropping a weight on the object being tested.
IK10 is pretty solid.