Vandal resistance is measured on the IK scale and consists of dropping a weight on the object being tested.
IK10 is pretty solid.
P-iris Lens

P-iris technology helps to improve the image quality with regards to iris contrast, resolution and depth of field and keeps the best image quality at different environment of light source. It is not only particularly effective for blurred image when the light source is to strong but also allows clear view on objects from near to far from the camera.
  4D Gimbal Mechanism (IR LED Rotation )

The 4D gimbal mechanism and sophisticated bubble dome design support wider tilting angle up 90 degrees and further with IR tilting 75 degrees without IR reflection. For various applications, this provides more choices and options in installation.
  96x Zoom control (Optical 8x, Digital 12x)

Zoom capability with 8x optical range should be the uniqueness and power of the camera with best optimized with high power LED(IR) equipped. This self-developed 8x zoom module work with outstanding AF(Auto Focus) function to be operated with user need to find the object in distance perfectly in day and night mode.
IP Panoramic Camera for 180° viewing angle

3 sensor (2M) and 4.3mm fixed lens allows to FOV of 180° with resolution of 6MP total.