LPR License Plate Recognition Technology

LPR License Plate Recognition Technology captures reflective license plates.
  Hydrophobic Dome cover

This hydrophobic dome cover repels water and dust to maintain a camera's image quality. A technologically-advanced coating alleviates spotting and smudges that can affect the performance of the camera.
Invisible IR LEDs

Implemented with 3pcs of High Powered IR LEDs but, will not be visible from outside.
IP Fisheye Camera for 360° or 180° viewing angle

The ultra-wide 1.45mm fisheye lens with edge-to-edge image clarity produces up to 5MP 360°, 180° or 90° panoramic or 360° hemispheric images in any lighting environment at the VMS or NVR side.
  3x2MP Panasonic 1/3" CMOS Sensor

Using 60fps High sensitivity 1080P sensor gives you the best image quality at night.