Optimized Multiple Profile Streaming

Up to 4 streams are able to be set by different setting parameters such as res. video rate and frame rate to be serviced for different purposes at 1080p environments.
  8MP Position Free Surround View Camera

Each 4 sensors can be positioned freely to the place that user want to see s below.
  OSD Control via Coaxial (UTC)

UTC or Up-to-Coax controls give installers a convenient way to change settings on our AHD cameras. This Surround camera can be accessed to the DVR easily by using UTC and it gives access to the camera's OSD (on-screen-display) menus.
  Independent ISP

3D/2D DNR, WDR, Sense-up, De-fog, HME and even more advanced ISP functions are provided from independent ISP.
  High sensitivity double scan 3 sensor with independent ISP

Up to 60fps double scan high-sensitivity sensor with independent ISP blocks provides real 30fps WDR with vivid color tuning for each sensors' purpose.