Powerful H.265 codec

H.265 codec gives more efficient file size than previous H.264 to save storage and bandwidth. Also to have interoperability with legacy systems, built-in H.264 provides compatibility with H.264 mandatory RX systems.
  Well-structured multiple profile streaming profile

Up to 4 multiple profile streams are serviced to the client side as stitched panoramic image with independent 3 sensors images for different purpose.
  Colored Deco Rings

Optional trim rings are available with three colors, Ivory, White and Black. With this free provided deco rings, you can select the color matching ring for subjected ceiling area.
  Aspherical Bubble

Unlike spherical dome cover, it expands the field of view angle. It enhances image quality at all around of position/view and maximizes its effectiveness.
  Analog High Definition (AHD) HD Over Coax Technology