Two motor MFZ(Motorized Focus Controllable) / P-Iris lens

Focus control algorithm by SW enables to control two motors motorized lens remotely with the most cost-performance way. P-Iris gives the clearest focus by enabling automatic and precise control of iris opening. It delivers high resolution images with good depth of field
  Double Scan sensor with advanced built in ISP

Double scan sensor provides up to 60fps at 1080p resolution. (Encoding max performance 1080p30fps). It gives long exposure and short exposure combined as real WDR with real time frame rate 1080p resolution.
  Fluid integration way

The latest Onvif profiles(S,G,Q) are optimized to have interoperability with any kind of purpose. Well-structured CGI-API plug in gives even more detailed functions to be integrated to VMS.
MFZ & P-IRIS Lens controllable

Even analog perspective of camera´s platforms have both motorized controllable lens via remotely and hardwired IRIS controllable circuit with P-IRIS lens to overcome SLR(Single Lens Reflection)´s fundamental field of depth issues such as out-focus for the focused objectives. Multiple objectives at the viewing angles are primary point of surveillance view therefore, IRIS helps to have the best image quality for any kind of video surveillance circumstances.
Interference Free Repeater available (Optional)

True digitalized signals are able to be transferred over coaxial with Ex-SDI engine module to increase double length(300Meters more) with Interference Free totally.