Water Proof Cable

The cable with water proof design will provide high reliable performance without any defect from a bad weather condition.
IP Panoramic Camera for 180° viewing angle

3 sensor (2M) and 4.3mm fixed lens allows to FOV of 180° with resolution of 2MP total.
  Micro-stepping Technology

Due to the Micro-stepping technology, one step angle is divided by 256. Accordingly, high accuracy as well as ultra low sound noise (under 60dB) can be achieved. Micro-stepping technology enables ultra low speed down to 0.05°/s for high zoom operations. Utilizing this technology, pan and tilt motion can be controlled with 1/256 finer step resolution and accordingly lower noise and vibrations.
As a result, ultimate low speed without fluctuations as well as ultra high speed without jerks can be obtained.
  90° Tilting

The 3 axis mechanism and sophisticated bubble dome design support wider tilting angle up 90 degrees. For various applications, this provides more choices and options in installation.
  Easy installations and Simple Maintenance

ue to the light weight, It is easy and safe to install this camera in the ceiling. Also, it is possible to upgrade the Firmware using RS-485 communication cable.