Providing data by recording mileage for an inspection

A camera provides a total distance traveled from the installation, and this data helps to determine a time of safety inspection service.
  Cognition of elevator layer by the machine-running

The cameras installed in the elevator can detect vibrations and use the machine running to apprehend the number of floors. Displayed Floor information image as a message and meta data is communicated via Onvif, RTSP.
  Detection Anobalous signs by Sound & Vibration

Detects anomalies in the elevator with sound and vibration.
  Vector Driving

Based on the shortest time and the smallest cost concept, each Pan and Tilt motion is done with simultaneous and harmonious manner by Vector drive technology.
  Triple codec, Simultaneous Multi Streaming

Triple H/W codec enables to transmit max 3 independent streams with different settings for different requirements. Therefore, it is possible to monitor video remotely using H.264 and transmit to Network Video Recorder as well. Also, additional MJPEG can be delivered for Mobile devices such as Smart Phon or Tablet PC